Kim (Windom) Martinez AHS 1993 Receives MBA

Kimberly (Windom) Martinez (AHS 1993) emailed these photos of her graduation from Stanford. More AHS pictures
Kim (Windom) Martinez AHS 1993 earns MBA degree from Stanford
left to right: Kim's Father, Kenneth E. Windom (ISU Teacher), Kimberly (Windom) Martinez (AHS 1993) and Kim's mother, Jane N. Windom (recently retired from ISU).
Kimberly (Windom) Martinez (AHS 1993) emailed this photo of her graduation from Stanford, July 17, 2007. More AHS pictures
Kim (Windom) Martinez AHS 1993 earns Stanford MBA degree July 17, 2007
Kimberly (Windom) Martinez (AHS 1993)

Kimberly (Windom) Martinez earned an MBA degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business on July 17, 2007. She is a 1993 Ames High School graduate and received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with Honors and Distinction from Iowa State University in 1998. Kim will be joining DaVita in a general management position later this summer.

Kim (Windom) Martinez (AHS 1993)
kwmartinez (at) gmail (dot) com

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