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  1. Keith Covey AHS 1954 emailed this AHS 1954 55th reunion class photo which was held October 9,10,& 11, 2009 in Ames, Iowa
    Click to see a larger image of the 1955 Ames High School Class Reunion. Photo by Robert Phillips Photography, Ames, Iowa
    Click Photo Above
  2. On October 20th, 2007 Jennifer O'Brien (AHS 2003) and Stephanie Wells-Gray (AHS 2003) graduated from the Western Culinary Institute in the Le Cordon Bleu's Baking and Patisserie Program and the Culinary Program, respectively.
    Jennifer O'Brien and Stephanie Wells-Gray both Ames High School 2003(AHS 1993) graduate from Culinary Institute October 20, 2007 <-- click thumbnail photo for a larger version of Jennifer O'Brien and Stephanie Wells-Gray both(AHS 2003) at Culinary graduation.
  3. A few archived photos from the good 'ol 1986-1987 AHS days. Courtesy AHS Class of '87
  4. Kim (Windom) Martinez AHS 1993 earned an MBA from Stanford on July 17, 2007.
    Click thumbnail for a larger image of Kim (Windom) Martinez (AHS 1993) earns MBA July 17, 2007
    click for larger image
  5. Craig Stephenson AHS 1972 emailed this photo of Craig and Hillary plus photos of Craig and many other presidential hopefuls on the campaign trail in Iowa from this years campaign and past.

    click for larger version of Craig Stephenson AHS 1972 and Hillary.
  6. James Miller (AHS 1980) emailed these photos of his family at the Packer Charger football game and the San Diego beach, taken August 2006.
    James Miller (AHS 1980) in San Diego <-- click thumbnail photo to see a larger version of James Miller (AHS 1980) and his family in San Diego.
  7. In honor of their 40th reunion, the AHS Class of '66 presented their gift to the Ames Education Foundation on April 28, 2007 in the AHS auditorium. The class of 1966 also unveiled a sample of the new auditorium seats at that time.
    AHS class of 1966 40th reunion gift to Ames High School <-- click thumbnail photo to see a larger version of the AHS class of 1966 40th reunion gift.
  8. Joan Waters (AHS 1972) emailed this photo of her brother Jeff Waters (AHS 1975) being recognized with the 2006 Department of the Navy Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year Award for leading the implementation and delivery of a web-based, real-time, shared situational awareness tool.
    Jeff Waters (AHS 1975) receiving award. <-- click thumbnail photo to see a larger version of Jeff Waters (AHS 1975) receiving award.
  9. A few of us Ames High grads got together for a great Sunday brunch at Phil Arthur's (AHS 1951) home in Phoenix, AZ February 25, 2007. Bill Sumberg
    Click this thumbnail photo for larger and more pics <-- click thumbnail photo to see a lager version of AHS 1951 to 1953 mini-reunion in Phoenix.
  10. At a recent Phi Delta Theta fraternity reunion in Breckenridge, Colorado on 9/16/06, Tommy Timm, Peggy (Lee) Koch and Earl Holtz, all from (AHS 1959), won the high school fight song singing competition against groups from other high schools. Thanks for the newsletter, which I always look forward to reading, and your other hard work for the alums. My check is in the mail for another three year membership. Earl Holtz (AHS 1959)
    Click this thumbnail photo for larger version and more pics <-- click thumbnail photo to see 2 more (AHS 1959) photos of Tommy, Peggy, and Earl.
  11. Karel Hedrick (AHS 1954) emailed this photo of the 1954 AHS classmates that attended the 1954 AHS reunion held October 1-4, 2006 in Lake Tahoe, CA. Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image, and the names of the class members in the photo.
    1954 Ames High School Class Reunion <-- click thumbnail photo to see a larger 1954 AHS reunion photo.
  12. Scott Shafer (AHS 1982) submitted this photo of his brother, Steven Shafer (AHS 1984), taken in Bagdad, Iraq. Steven is a 1st Sgt, U.S. Army.
  13. Gretchen Triplett submitted this photo of her daughter, Liz (Triplett) Harken (AHS 1979), which shows Liz just after finishing the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 1, 2006
  14. Marc Woods passed along this Des Moines Register story about Dr. Kenneth Talcott's (AHS 1964) 60th birthday party held in Des Moines July 2006. sorry, Des Moines Register has removed this story
  15. Alan Carlsborg (AHS 1985) was deployed from the Navy Reserve to active duty in Kuwait in March 2006. Attached is a photo of Alan being handed a new rank during a ceremony in Kuwait. In the photo you can see Alan (wearing glasses), shaking the hand of the person giving him the promotion papers. Photo provided by Alan's parents Lester or Alycia Carlsborg of Ames, Iowa. Posted 7-14-2006
  16. Attached is a photo of Jon Morgan (AHS 1973) at an undisclosed location in SW Asia taken January, 2006. Photo provided by Scott Gillette (AHS 1973).
  17. (AHS 1976) Ames High School Graduate Mark Ellson received the Bronze Star medal for his service during the time of hostilities in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has been deployed to Iraq since April 2005 and is currently with the 4th Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade in the Baghdad area. Mark who was called up from the reserves to serve in Iraq has been on active duty or in the army reserves for over 30 years. He is a Senior Vice President, International Business Unit, Ergotron, Inc., located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Mark and his family reside in Woodbury, Minnesota and is the son of Forest and Barbara Ellson, 3405 Polaris Drive, Ames. picture of Mark Ellson receiving Bronze Star Medal in Iraq
  18. The 1965 AHS Reunion was held September 23-25, 2005 and here is the photo album/website https://amesclassof65.blogspotcom/
  19. With the ongoing missions in SW Asia, I thought I would send this picture of Tim Bell on the Kuwait / Iraq border taken May 2005. I have been in country since January 2005. Submitted 6-15-2005 by Timothy Bell (AHS 1978). Thanks Tim !!
  20. Hello...I'm attaching a photo taken on Friday, July 15 2005 outside the Cadillac Palace in Chicago just after seeing The Lion King. Eight 1973 AHS grads gathered for a girls' weekend ... all celebrating our 50th birthdays!
    The photo shows:
    • Linda (Allison) Rejvani
    • Cindy (Tschetter) Gould
    • Lynne (Brady) Scribbins
    • Janet (Seim) Bunker
    • Carolyn (Curry) Hakes
    • Chris Ellis
    • Deb (Routh) Hunter
    • Maria (Kemeny) Hennings
    A great time was had by all...and we're already planning next year's get together in Colorado!!! Thanks...and we'd LOVE it if you could publish this photo in an upcoming issue of the AHS Alumni Newsletter Eight 1974 Ames High School alumni. Submitted by Chris Ellis (AHS 1973) Alumna
  21. AHS 1942 to 1944 Group photo taken Annecy, France, May 12, 2005. Dave Lush, (AHS 1942) has led 7 tours of Europe for our group of Ames High grads. On this trip there were 15 in total, and we visited Paris (5 nights), the Loire Valley (2 nights) and Annecy, France (3 nights).

    Here is a list of those in the photo, left to right.

    • Robeen Lush, daughter of Dave Lush. Robeen resides in Annecy.
    • Bill Block Ellen (Dunlap) Block AHS 1944
    • Dave Lush AHS 1942 Martha (Coover) Anderson AHS 1944
    • Rosemarie (Lindstrom) Manis AHS 1943
    • Mary Lou (Dahl) Wheeler AHS 1944
    • Mary Elizabeth (Lush) Hausrath AHS 1942
    • Al Hausrath AHS 1942
    • Colleen Nutty, wife of John Nutty AHS 1943
    • Ginny Stafford
    • Bob Stafford AHS 1942
    • Phyllis (Anderson) Rademacher AHS 1942
    • Jack Rademacher
    • Missing from photo, but on tour: Polly (Pride) Heinrich AHS 1942
  22. 1964 reunion photo taken at the 1964 AHS 40 year class reunion which was held June 18 and 19, 2004. Click on the thumbnail below to see a larger image (hint: press F11 key to maximize your browser). Submitted by Cynthia (Nordhagen) Johnson (AHS 1964)
    Thumbnail 1964 Ames High School reunion <-- click thumbnail photo to see a larger version of the (AHS 1964)reunion group photo.
  23. 1953 50 yr reunion group photo taken at the South end of Gateway Center Hotel (337KB jpg) submitted by Leo Lawler
  24. 1953 50 yr reunion group pic with explanation & names. (311KB Word Doc)Submitted by Leo Lawler (AHS 1953)
  25. Eugene Ballard 1945 AHS Alum taken March 2004 in front of AHS on Ames High Drive (42KB jpg)
  26. 1972 AHS Crest Logo from 1972 Pep Club (275KB jpg) submitted by Susan McLaughlin (AHS 1972)
  27. 1974 10 yr reunion group pic #1 (308KB jpg) taken 1984 at Starlite Village, submitted by Ed Hendrickson Jr (AHS 1974)
  28. 1974 10 yr reunion group pic #2 (187KB jpg) taken 1984 at Starlite Village, submitted by Ed Hendrickson Jr. (AHS 1974)
  29. Photo of Todd Pitner (98KB) (AHS 1983) taken in 2004. To see more photos of Todd, his family and his business, please go to:
  30. Tim Gibbons, (AHS 1978) in one of Saddam's palaces in Baghdad.(89KB) Tim's mission was to help the Iraqi medical community reorganize after the fall of the Baath Party. Tim was called up as part of the Iowa National Guard.
  31. 1994 10 year high school class reunion photo of July 17th, 2004 picnic at Moore Memorial Park in Ames Iowa. From Left to Right: Mae Kline, Josh Dobbs, Emily Barta (62KB)

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